Thank you

Dear RunDuvall Community,

I am retiring from RunDuvall — it’s been a good run (pardon the pun!), but it is time for a new course; work has me on the go all over the country these days. 10 years and $100K for healthy kids in Riverview School District thanks to your generous support feels like a good way to cross the finish line, so no regrets! (But oh so many, many great memories of every flushed face and sweaty high five) – thank you, my friends.

It’s been a blast! And the fun is going to continue…

That’s right, Riverview Education Foundation will be starting up a new run to take RunDuvall’s place – mark your calendar for Sunday, June 5th, 2016 and join me in supporting the REF RUN 2016. More information will be coming soon so be sure to bookmark their website and “like” their facebook page

Looking forward to seeing you on the trail in the weeks and months to come!

Happy Running!

Join me in a trip down memory lane and enjoy photos from RunDuvall.